The Only Garden Tracker Made for

Obsessive Gardeners.

You love to garden but things always seem to become a mess.

  • You can't really remember what you planted this year. Or last year.

  • Your labels go missing and it's all a guess as to what you planted where.

  • You can't remember the planting info when you are in the garden and need to make so many trips inside for your notes.

  • There are sooo many pieces of paper with notes about what you are growing but they are kind of everywhere.

  • You plan what you're growing each year but somehow miss buying seeds or plants.

  • Bringing your notes outside means everything gets dirty and wet.

  • You don't remember what you need at the garden center so you buy way too much.

I tried an old fashioned notebook...

but I would either forget to update it or my hand would be too tired from weeding to write anything.

I tried spreadsheets...

but I didn't want to bring my laptop out to the garden to get ruined and I would forget what I planted when by the time I got inside.

I tried gardening apps...

that sounded promising only to find out there were monthly subscription fees to add more than a few plants and if I stopped paying, I lost all of my valueable gardening info.

I wrote notes everywhere...

on different notes apps in my phone, sticky notes, sheets of paper but it all just became a big mess where I could never find the information when I needed it.

I needed one place to keep my garden organized that I would actually use.

That's why I created DirtBook.

With DirtBook you can:

  • Track all of your plants, seeds, dates and locations all in one place.

  • Have your info at your finger tips whether you are in the garden or at the garden center (or snuggled under a blanket planning your garden in January).

  • Track all the actions you take like seed starting, potting up and harvesting quickly in the app before you come inside and forget.

  • Use the camera function to add pictures of your plants, the layout of your garden, the seed pack instructions or even that weird bug you saw so you can refer to them later.

  • Get fancy and sort the planting info to see which seeds you need to buy or what gets planted this weekend.

I built DirtBook for gardeners like me, obsessive gardeners,

who want to track all the info on ALL the plants.

Hi, I'm Kelly...

I own the Ridiculous Farm where I have been gardening since 2010. And just like you, I became obsessed! I wanted to learn everything. I wanted to know how to grow the best tomatoes (I am in NJ after all, famous for tomatoes). I want to grow fun things like asparagus or artichokes. I wanted to cut up more and more of my lawn for new beds to grow lettuce year round.

But I had a hard time keeping track of what I had planted and it was super hard to see whether it was a success of not each year. Did those tomatoes produce last year? Where did I plant the onions so I can rotate this year?

Are you an obessive gardener?

  • Do you spend more time talking to plants than people?

  • Do you think more about the seeds you are going to plant than dinner on Valentine's Day?

  • Do you look forward to January because you can sit with all of those beautiful seed catalogs and dream of spring?

  • Do you end up talking about soil at every party whether anyone asks or not?

...then yes, you are my people.

DirtBook is built for obsessive gardeners.

It's easy to set up. It's searchable. It's sortable.

It doesn't require a subscription.

What's included:

The Dirtbook Template to build & customize

Video 1: to show you how to set up Airtable (the free powerful software that DirtBook is built on)

Video 2: to show you how to use the basics to get going right away your desktop.

Video 3: to show you how to use the basics to get going right away with the app on your phone.

Video 4: to show you how to get a little fancier with sorting, metrics and creating shopping lists for all of those seeds.

All of this for a one time payment of


Get your DirtBook here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a monthly subscription?

No!  This is a one time purchase of a template with instuction videos.  You will not be charged monthly.

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Do I need to pay for Airtable?

No!  Everything in this template can be used on the free version of Airtable.

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Will you show me how to use it?

Yes!  There are instruction videos to get you set up on Airtable and to show you how to use DirtBook.

FAQ image

Is there a preset list of plants included?

No!  This isn't a premade database of generic plants.  This is a tracker to add exactly the things YOU are growing to keep track of.  I have add a few sample plants to show you how it works which you can be easily deleted.

FAQ image

Do you have to be techy to use this?

No!  You can do some high level things with Airtable but it is super easy to get started.  If you can type words and take pictures you can use this.  To get started, I have created videos to show you how to use Airtable and some of the cool features in this template so you can going right away and actually use it. 

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Do you actually use DirtBook in your garden?

Yes I do!! I use it every time I am in the garden. It's a powerful tool that I can use to track plant progress, look up when I planted something, pull up information on seedlings spacing when I am outside planting, take notes on when the fruit is ripe - endless possibilities to help you save time and keep track of your garden.

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Let 2024 be the year you get your garden organized

with DirtBook!